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Dermal Fillers: Do’s and Don’ts

Embarking on the journey of facial rejuvenation with dermal fillers can be transformative, enhancing facial volume, radiance, and combating the signs of ageing. At Allure Cosmetica, we embrace the power of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers, delicately enhancing your natural beauty. In this comprehensive guide, discover the do’s and don’ts of dermal fillers, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience.


1. Get Treatment with a Qualified Consultant:

For optimal results, entrust your dermal filler journey to a qualified and skilled professional at Allure Cosmetica. Avoid the pitfalls of amateur injections, ensuring correct placement and use of appropriate fillers. Our experts prioritise precision, delivering an appealing and harmonious outcome.

2. Enquire and Discuss the Type of Fillers Used:

Engage in a conversation with our practitioners at Allure Cosmetica about the dermal fillers used. Opt for natural hyaluronic acid fillers that provide flexibility and reversibility, a testament to our commitment to your safety and satisfaction.

3. Request Before and After Photos:

Visualise the transformative effects of dermal fillers by requesting before and after photos of previous clients. Allure Cosmetica provides a gallery of our work, allowing you to gauge the expertise and artistry of our cosmetic injectors.

4. Book Filler Treatment in Advance:

Plan your dermal filler treatments strategically by booking in advance, especially before significant events. Allure Cosmetica recommends scheduling a month or two ahead, allowing ample time for healing and ensuring the perfect cosmetic injector for your needs.

5. Follow the Post-Treatment Care Instructions:

Heed the advice of our skilled practitioners regarding post-treatment care. Reduce swelling and promote healing by adhering to recommended practices, such as applying ice packs and staying hydrated. Your journey with Allure Cosmetica extends beyond the procedure, ensuring a smooth recovery.


1. Undertake Filler Treatment When Pregnant:

Prioritise your well-being by refraining from dermal filler treatments while pregnant or breastfeeding. Allure Cosmetica adheres to the contraindications during pregnancy, ensuring a safe and responsible approach to cosmetic procedures.

2. Indulge in Strenuous Exercise After Injectable Fillers:

Protect your results by avoiding strenuous exercise immediately before and after injectable fillers. Allure Cosmetica advises against activities that may interfere with the healing process, minimising swelling and bruising for optimal outcomes.

3. Inject Too Much or Overfill the Injection Site:

Maintain realistic expectations and collaborate with Allure Cosmetica to enhance your natural features gracefully. Avoid overfilling, as several smaller dermal filler treatments may yield more satisfying and nuanced results than a single, excessive session.

4. Have Over-the-Counter Pain Medications Before the Procedure:

Enhance your safety by refraining from over-the-counter pain medications before your dermal filler appointment. Inform your consultant at Allure Cosmetica about any medications you are taking to ensure a smooth and risk-free procedure.

5. Get Dermal Fillers at a Botox or Injectable Party:

Choose the elegance of Allure Cosmetica over the uncertainties of injectable parties. Our trained injectors provide a hygienic and professional setting, minimising the risk of infections and side effects. Prioritise your satisfaction by avoiding alcohol consumption 24 hours before and after the cosmetic procedure.

Invest in self-care and self-love with dermal fillers at Allure Cosmetica, where each treatment is a sculpting masterpiece. Take the time to make informed decisions, ensuring alignment with your desires, schedule, and consultant satisfaction. Contact Allure Cosmetica today and book in a free consultation to embark on a transformative journey toward confidence and timeless beauty. Your radiant transformation awaits with Allure Cosmetica.

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